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Healing from the ground up

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Cat Turner is a connective tissue coach committed to helping people release pain, restore mobility, create stability, and move more efficiently for a lifetime.  She is a Level 4 Rossiter Coach, MELT Level 1 Instructor,  200 hour yoga instructor, and has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.  She works one-to-one with her clients to release all forms of pain whether physical or emotional.  She teaches yoga and functional fitness, leads workshops on self-care techniques, and has evolved into the role of mentor for many of her clients.  Based in a health club, Cat sees the common pitfalls of traditional exercise models and the resulting pain issues from long-term repeated motor patterns.  She hopes to inject alternative ideas into the face of fitness and shift our thinking beyond what we view as "self-care." 


Mon & Wed  10am - 2pm/5-7pm

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Raintree Athletic Club

2555 South Shields Street

Fort Collins, CO  80526



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