PUR Release created by Cat Turner 2018



Cheryl F.


I highly recommend working with Cat and trying Rossiter!  I feel immediate relief from tight and locked up muscles and the relief has much lasted longer than multiple sessions of dry needling and other physical therapy techniques.  Rossiter is also more affordable than PT.  

Carl G.

Tattoo Artist

Speaking as someone who has had every other kind of massage and acupuncture/pressure methods under the sun done to me, I would scratch all of those to get another Rossiter session. Since my first session I have had an incredible increase in mobility. Many of my old aches and pains are virtually non existent now. I would recommend Rossiter to anyone and everyone! 

Alana S.

Dental Hygenist

I am a dental hygienist and deal with chronic back pain. I had been struggling for a while to find a treatment that would help me long term. Rossiter has been that treatment for me.